terça-feira, 3 de abril de 2012

Hold your fire

My soul is
as my hands.
my eyes are too open
I don´t see the lands.

Pierced by bullets,
my heart was stuck on one side to the other
like two pieces of Lego
that don’t fit into one another.

I'm in the midst of war
but nobody can see me.
everything Seems so insane
they don´t want to know, don´t believe me.

I Look to the left and look to the right
Shields are buried in the sand
Bodies fall; full of blood
Bullets hit hearts, bullets that destroy dreams
There is blood in your hand!
There is blood in your hand!

My shadow is still in the same place
No breathing, no crying.
She did not feel the same way I feel
She just will guiding.

Neither she ... Neither she ... Can see me!
Please... Please... Hold your fire!

(Se a minha própria sombra não sabe quem sou, como é que me podem ver?)

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